Demo Web Apps

Some demo web applications I have recently created.


Kevuki is a fake API website built with HTML and uses CSS Flexbox for structure. The animations are created also using modern CSS3 methods.


piKbooK is a social media web application built with React.js and uses Google Firestore as the backend to house the user information such as login details and posts. CSS styling is used via css modules.


MyMapz is a vanilla JavaScript single page application using the Model View Contoller method of separating concerns. The API used to bring in the country data comes from


Movie-Match is a social media web application where users can like movies and find matches with other users. It is built using the MERN stack with MongoDB hosting the database, a Node.js/Express.js API serving the content and hosted on Heroku, and a React.js frontend hosted on Netlify. Redux was used for state management. CSS stying was carried out using React Bootstrap.